Creating the perfect study nook

Whether you’re studying as part of a university degree or a qualification for work, having a good place to study is imperative to help with concentration and productivity. It may seem like a daunting task but creating a study place can be quite simple and only takes a few steps.

Perfect desk for studying

Step 1 – choosing the location

When choosing a space to designate as a study nook, there are a few characteristics that need to be taken into account. The most important feature to include is both natural and artificial light sources. A well-lit area is much easier to work in and will be far more inviting than a dingy, dark space. Choosing a space near a large window and under a large lamp would be a good choice since you’ll have light no matter what time of day you’re most productive.

Secondly, make sure the space isn’t right in the middle of your home.  While it may seem nice to be surrounded by the hustle and bustle of home life, instead of isolated away, it’ll be a lot harder to focus and concentrate when there are people moving around and doing things. If you don’t have a spare room that can offer the space for a home office or study nook, choosing a corner of a room, such as a dining room or a bedroom, will provide the space and quiet that you’ll need.

Step 2 – decorating the location

There’s nothing less appealing than a dull area that offers a purely functional purpose. When sitting down to study, while you’ll obviously be focusing on the task at hand, you might at least make sure the space is welcoming and inspiring while you’re there.

Giving the space a splash of colour is a great way to bring life to the area. Simply applying a coat of paint will liven up the space but, if you’re unable to paint the walls for whatever reason, adding colourful furniture or accessories is a perfect alternative.

Step 3 – add storage and furniture

When choosing a desk for your study nook, make sure it’ll give you enough space for your work. While no one likes a cramped desk, if you’re the kind of person who likes to lay out notes across a surface, you’ll need a desk that allows you that freedom. It may be tempting to cover the surface of your desk with interior design furnishings, to create an Instagram-worthy space, but remember that you will need to work at the desk, so maybe avoid too many plants or storage boxes.

Also, make sure that any chair you get for your desk is comfortable for long periods of time, is adjustable to avoid back or neck problems from leaning over, and fits into the space without too much obstruction.

Storage is a must for a study space and we would definitely recommend fitting shelves if you can. Not only can these shelves provide storage opportunities for any study books you have, folders for filing or space for projects, they can also add some character to a space and give you somewhere to store those furnishings you can’t keep on your desk.

If you’re creating a study nook and need to make some space in your home, why not consider putting a few things into storage? At Titan Storage, we’re pleased to offer a clean, secure and safe environment for your possessions. Simply get a quote and start storing today.