Keeping your vinyl stored safely in storage

A well-loved vinyl collection is something to be treasured- not only can it be worth a lot of money, but vinyl records can also hold huge sentimental value. Even in this digital age, there’s nothing quite like the vintage sound of vinyl records, making them particularly difficult to get rid of when you’re low on space!

Keeping vinyl stored in good condition can ensure you’ll be spinning your cherished records for years to come. Left neglected and there’s a danger that not only your vinyl will become scratched and warped, but the value of your collection will also plummet!

If you are planning to store your vinyl collection in Titan Storage while moving, decluttering, redecorating or just for safe-keeping, follow these simple steps to keep it in its best condition:

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Storing wine: A collector’s guide to wine storage

Wine has become a popular asset; many collections can be worth thousands of pounds. Get the right vintages and that investment could do more for you than stocks, shares and savings. As a collector, you already know that. You’ll also know that storing your bottles correctly is absolutely vital.

Unless you are lucky enough to have a sprawling mansion in which you can install a fancy wine pod or have a cellar you can convert, proper storage can be an issue – one which impacts the value of your collection. Here are a few factors you should consider when storing your wine.

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