How to puppy-proof your home

Getting a puppy is an exciting time for any family. That aside, there’s also the responsibility to protect not only the puppy from its surroundings, but to protect the surroundings from the puppy. Puppies, as they are untrained, are much more likely to chew at items in reach and may not be toilet-trained.

To save yourself from destroyed possessions and damp floors as much as possible, here are some of the best ways you can puppy-proof different parts of your home.

Puppy proof home

Puppy-proofing the kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most interesting rooms a puppy can explore, due to the smells and sounds and tastes, but can also be one of the most dangerous. If your puppy is going to be venturing into the kitchen, firstly make sure that all cables and cords for electronics are out of reach and safely secured.

If you have children, you’ll be well-versed in keeping cabinets and cupboards closed against inquisitive littleones, but if your puppy is your first new arrival, it’s a good idea to purchase some childproof latches or locks for the cupboards you have at ground level. This won’t just protect against food going missing but can also keep harmful foods and cleaning products out of reach.

Puppy-proofing the bathroom

After the kitchen, this is the next area that you need to make sure is safe for your puppy. If you keep human medicine in the bathroom, it’s crucial that it’s out of reach and safely secured since they can be very harmful to your furry friend. Childproof latches are a priority on cabinets and cupboards here too.

Additionally, make sure your family is conscientious about cleaning up after themselves in the bathroom – razors, cotton swabs, soap and shampoo are all easy targets if left within reach and could result in a trip to the vet.

You can decide not to let your puppy into the bathroom of course, but if this area isn’t off limits, make sure the toilet lid is always left down, and the rubbish bin is closed or hidden away.

Puppy-proofing the bedroom

Once your puppy comes home with you, they will quickly get used to your scent and will enjoy being near or playing with anything that smells like you. It’s a touching bond but can have some consequences for your shoes, clothing and slippers should you leave them out and available for the puppy to find.

Making sure that all clothing and personal items are kept in closed wardrobes or cupboards is a great way to make sure that your puppy can’t use them as toys. Laundry should always be kept in a closed hamper or basket and shoes should be put out of reach, either in a box or a cupboard.

Other items in the bedroom, such as hair ties and jewellery, should also be kept out of reach as they can be choking hazards for a small puppy. Any exposed cords or wires should also be either hidden or stored inside chew-proof piping.

If your bed has a gap underneath it, and you don’t want your puppy crawling into spaces they shouldn’t, building a temporary blockade around the bottom of the bed is a great way to make sure your puppy knows that the area is off limits.

Puppy-proofing the living areas

Whether your living area is your lounge, an office or a family room, there’s bound to be a number of items laying around that would be appealing to a puppy, such as magazines, electronics, remotes and shoes. The best way to safeguard against your puppy getting their teeth into these items is to make sure everyone is aware of their clutter and tidies it away when they have finished with it.

If you have pillows and blankets on your sofas, it’s a good idea to store them for the first few months until your puppy has adapted to your home and, once again, make sure all loose cables and wires are either hidden away or stored in chew-proof boxes.

Office supplies, such as pens, paperclips, rubber bands and staples, should all be tidied up and put out of reach from your puppy.

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