Self Storage Size Estimator

What size storage unit do I need?

Titan Storage have a wide selection of different-sized storage units that will suit your needs, whether you need to store an entire house-worth of furniture for a move, or you are decluttering and need that extra storage space for those keepsakes.

Visualising how your neatly laid out house might look in a storage unit is difficult, especially when you’re turning sofas on their sides and putting boxes in wardrobes to maximise the storage unit space given. We’ve tried to make it easier by giving you a rough idea of what each storage unit size gets you in square footage, and how that relates to the real world.

Of course, should you need to upgrade or downgrade once you reach us, then our friendly team will be happy to accommodate and switch you to a more appropriately-sized storage unit, free of charge.

Sizes of storage units

Storage units come in a range from 10 sq. ft. (about the size of a phone box) all the way up to 200 sq. ft. (about the size of a double garage) with the added accommodation for warehouse storage in a few of our stores.

View our guide on storage unit sizes, which puts each of the units into a bit more perspective. Alternatively, keep reading for more of an overview.

Bedroom-size storage units

If you are looking to re-decorate a single room, you’re moving out of your student accommodation, or you simply need a place to store items you simply can’t throw away, then a 35 sq. ft. storage unit is probably a good size for you to be looking at. This has the space capable of fitting the contents of a double bedroom; think double bed, wardrobe, chest of draws and general contents of that room to visualise the space a bit more.

Luton van-size storage units

A Luton van is one of the biggest that can be driven on a standard UK driving licence. If you hire a Luton van to move house, you’ll get around 75 sq. ft. of space in the back. This is probably big enough to move the contents of a two-bedroom house (sizes may differ). If you can fit everything you want to store into a Luton van, you’ll need a 75 sq. ft. storage unit.

Garage-sized storage units

A regular garage (big enough to fit one car) comes in at around 100 sq. ft. If you organise your space well, this should be big enough for the contents of 3-bedroom house (not including kitchen appliances). Perfect for house movers, small office moves or larger scale decorating projects.

What size storage unit for 3 bedroom house?

When looking at your 3-bedroom house it’s hard to imagine all of your stuff packed away into a storage unit. What you have to remember is larger pieces of furniture can be disassembled to reduce the size of space needed.

We’ve estimated 100 sq. ft – 150 sq. ft should be plenty of room for a large 3-bedroom house, this equates to around 140-250 boxes worth of stuff. For further visualisation 150 sq ft is around one and a half single garages.

Self storage unit size quick guide

Storage unit size Equivalent size How many boxes?* What size vehicle?
16 sq. ft Phone box 20 – 25x Estate car
25 sq. ft Small van 40x Transit van
35 sq. ft Garden Shed 60x Transit van
50 sq. ft 1 bedroom flat 100x Large Transit Van
75 sq. ft 2 bedroom flat 125x LWB Transit Van
100 sq. ft Standard Garage 150x Luton Van
125 sq. ft Standard Garage + Small Van 175x 7.5 Tonne Lorry
150 sq. ft 1 ½ Single Garages 200x 7.5 Tonne Lorry
175 sq. ft 20 ft Container 240x 20 ft Container
200 sq. ft Double Garage 300x 20 ft Container

*medium box size (405h x 405w x 405l) – figures given are approximates

Self-storage tips

So, you’ve found the storage unit size that is right for you. Read our self-storage tips and guides, which will help you navigate your way around organising your storage unit, packing for storage, as well as storage hacks you can use around your home to save you space.