To renovate or not to renovate?

Whether you’re thinking about buying a property with the intention of doing it up and either moving into it or reselling it, or you’re wondering about making some changes to your current property, renovation can be both a fun and interesting project to get stuck into.

Here’s what you should consider if renovation is something you’re thinking about.

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How to puppy-proof your home

Getting a puppy is an exciting time for any family. That aside, there’s also the responsibility to protect not only the puppy from its surroundings, but to protect the surroundings from the puppy. Puppies, as they are untrained, are much more likely to chew at items in reach and may not be toilet-trained.

To save yourself from destroyed possessions and damp floors as much as possible, here are some of the best ways you can puppy-proof different parts of your home.

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Top 10 things not to forget when moving into student halls

Planning a move away from home into university halls is a big task, and definitely a hectic one when it comes to deciding what you need to take with you and what needs to stay at home. There are a lot of things to buy – we’re sure you’ll be going on at least one mammoth shopping trip with your parents over the summer – and there are a lot of things to remember.

That’s why we’ve decided to make a list of the top 10 things you definitely shouldn’t forget when moving to university, so that we can make sure you’re well equipped for your first year.

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