What size storage unit will I need? Our Guide to Choosing a Container Size

When choosing a storage space, you will want to pay for only the right size storage space. You don’t want to pay for too much, and you don’t want to turn up to your unit with a truckload of furniture, only to find it won’t all fit.

It can be tough to know exactly how much space to go for, which is why we’ve produced this helpful guide. Here are some of the most commonly used storage container sizes and what you can fit inside them.

How do you work out what size storage space you need? A man trying to fit into a box.

Storage unit size guide:

16 sq. ft.

About the size of a phone box, 16 sq. ft. storage containers are the ideal size for students who just need to store any odds and ends they can’t fit into their new digs. For example, you may want somewhere to place your books, suitcase and a few boxes – things that you may need access to but don’t want taking up space in your cramped university bedroom.

25 sq. ft.

This unit is around the size of a small van, so you could easily fit the contents of your garden shed into it. For this reason, 25 sq. ft. is a great amount of space for storing seasonal items, such as gardening tools you’re only going to use in the summer, or Christmas decorations.

35 sq. ft.

An average-sized garden shed is around 35 sq. ft., so this is the perfect storage size for the odd piece of furniture, such as a queen size bed and a dining table set, complete with chairs. You should even have enough room to fit in a few boxes.

50 sq. ft.

This size storage unit is most suitable for anyone moving out of a one-bedroom flat as it’s the same volume as a transit van. If you’re redecorating a room in your property and need somewhere to hold the furniture for a while, 50 sq. ft. should be all the space you need.

75 sq. ft.

Moving out of or renovating a two-bedroom house instead? Then you’d better opt for 75 sq. ft. Equivalent to the size of a Luton van, it’s handy for house moves and capable of storing large appliances, your mattress, bookcases, dressers, tables and a sofa.

100 sq. ft.

You can fit as many as 140 large boxes into this size unit, which is the same volume as a standard size garage. It’s perfect for storing your garden furniture, sports equipment and bikes, should you have suddenly decided to declutter your garage and use it for its intended purpose. Equally, it’s the ideal size for small office moves.

125 sq. ft.

Planning to fill a 7.5 tonne lorry? You’ll likely need a 125 sq. ft. unit. About the size of a large single garage, this unit can fit the contents of a three bedroom property or a medium-sized office. You should be able to get all your large, clunky furniture items in here with ease, including your sofa set, dining tables and chairs, washing machine and fridge freezer.

150 sq. ft.

This unit is approximately the same size as one and a half single garages. To put that into perspective, that’s 250 boxes worth of stuff! It will happily accommodate all the furniture in your large three-bedroom house, should you plan to move soon.

175 sq. ft.

If you need slightly more space, a 175 sq. ft. unit is capable of storing 280 medium-sized boxes. Homeowners can fit the contents of their four-bedroom house inside; for business owners, it’s the perfect place to store large pieces of equipment.

200 sq. ft.

The size of a double garage, 200 sq. ft. is one of the biggest storage units you can rent! You can squeeze a huge amount of furniture in here – enough to fill a four or five-bed house anyway. If you’re a business owner, it’s perfect for holding large warehouse stock.

Visual storage size estimator

For those of you who are more visual, we’ve created a storage size estimator.

Whatever size storage you need…

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