Business continuity – securing your business documents

Even if your workplace has gone paperless recently, you probably have years of archived documents stored away somewhere, taking up an unnecessary amount of space. These documents may contain client or company information and therefore need to be kept safe. Just how secure is that storage cupboard?

There is an obvious solution: external archiving storage. There are many benefits to storing your business documents externally; let’s take a look.

Your workplace will look more presentable

If your archived files are currently bursting out of the storage cupboard and onto the floor, it’s not creating a good impression, especially to your clients. No one is going to want to work with you if your business appears to be unorganised or doesn’t look after what could be confidential information.

Your employees will be more productive

It’s not just your clients that won’t be impressed by a messy workplace; 72 per cent of employees who work in untidy offices say it has an impact on their productivity. A quarter even admit to taking sick leave because their surroundings make them feel depressed. What’s more, almost half of office employees believe an organised workplace makes them work harder.

Better protection for your documents

Keeping lots of paper documents in one place in an office can easy become a big fire hazard. If all those hard copies went up in smoke, what would the consequence be? What about if they were stolen? If your archived documents are at all valuable, you need to keep them somewhere they are protected from fire, water and theft.

At Titan, each of our storage venues is fitted with state-of-the-art security systems. Every one of our spaces is secured with a unique padlock and can only be accessed via a key-coded lift. Our facilities are also monitored all hours of the day and night by our CCTV system.

A chance to organise your documents

When archives are crammed into such a small space, they are inevitably going to become unorganised. People will place documents where they can, instead of where they are supposed to go. The result? No one can ever find what they are looking for, wasting a huge amount of time.

By hiring out a larger storage space, you’ll be able to organise your archive properly. When someone comes to find a particular document, they will be able to obtain it with ease. Best of all, our storage spaces can be accessed at any time – day or night!

A wide range of flexible storage solutions

Whether your archive dates back two years or 20, we have an appropriately sized storage space for you. There’s no minimum or maximum storage period with Titan either, so if you just want to use us whilst you’re moving offices, you can. All we require is two weeks’ notice before you plan to move out and because payments are made monthly, you’ll only ever pay for the storage you’ve used.

We’ll move your archives for you

Don’t want to waste time lugging several hundred boxes out of your office? We can do it for you! Titan is proud to have excellent relationships with a number of local moving firms, so we can arrange for your documents to be picked up from your workplace and taken to our storage facility – allowing you to get on with running your business.

Titan Storage is ideal for all of your business storage needs, from archiving to warehousing. To get a quote today, fill in our form or give us a call on 0800 644 0018.