6 stress busting ways to use self storage at Christmas


The Christmas period is a magical time of year, but it can sometimes be stressful trying to find enough space for everything. If you’re looking to make your festive season a breeze this year, why not take a look at how a storage unit could help you solve some space-related problems over Christmas.

Hiding presents

If you’ve been proactive this year, and managed to get a start on your Christmas present buying already, there’s nothing more worrisome than little (or sometimes big) prying eyes peeking around the house, trying to discover the goodies hidden away for Christmas.

Large Christmas presents can also become a hassle to hide; either in the metropolis of London or in a small village, space is a luxury that you can’t afford to sacrifice, especially if you’re buying someone a new bike, a piece of art, or a new musical instrument, like a piano.

Wrapping space

If you’re running out of space to stretch out yards of wrapping paper, find yourself losing tags and ribbons in amongst your furniture, or can’t seem to find the right space to wrap an awkwardly shaped or sized object, you may need a designated empty space to accommodate your wrapping tasks.

If you’re already using storage space to keep all your presents hidden away, then it can become the perfect Santa’s workshop for you to wrap your presents without interruptions and with enough space for you to house any gift.

Storing extra stock

The festive season is a very busy period for any retailer, but for those in the boutique area of Knightsbridge and Bloomsbury, stock storage space can be hard to come by. What better use of a storage unit than to have somewhere to contain all your extra festive stock, so you never run out, and can supply your customers with everything they want, all the while knowing that extras are kept in a safe, secure and clean location.

Not to mention that using a storage unit right on your doorstep means that it’ll take no time at all to collect any extra items that you need, and 24/7 access allows you to make a dash out at whatever time you notice your stock running low.

Making room for guests

If you’ve got guests coming to stay, you might find that your spare bedroom has become slightly too much like a storage closet, compared to an actual liveable space. It might be prudent then, to make your guests feel welcome and comfortable this holiday period, to move some less necessary items out of the way to make space for them while they visit.

Then, once they’ve headed back home after Christmas, you can sort through the items you’ve stored, and decide whether you want to keep them and where.

Rearranging furniture

Whether you’ve decided to opt for a real or artificial tree, a Christmas tree can take up a lot of space in a home, especially with the allocated room around it so no one knocks any expensive or antique decorations off the branches.

Therefore, it might be necessary for you to move some furniture around to make space for your tree. Whether that’s just rearranging a room, or completely removing an item of furniture, you may find that there’s nowhere else to put it in your Christmas decorated home.

Why not store any items of furniture you have into storage over the holiday period and then collect them in January once the decorations are down and the tree is either stored away or disposed of?

Storing decorations after Christmas

The perfect place for decoration storage has to be a storage unit since they are clean, dry spaces. Simply pack decorations in card or plastic boxes and keep them safe until you get them all out again next year.

If you’ve received new presents that are replacing older items, but don’t want to get rid of the older items completely, storing them until you make a decision or find a place to put them may be the best idea. Similarly, if you’ve received presents that you don’t like, keep them in storage until the giver comes to visit and then bring them back out so that you can pretend they’ve been in your home all the time!

If you’re looking for a storage unit over the Christmas period to accommodate any one of these ideas, why not check out Titan Storage Solutions. With storage units right on your doorstep they’re perfect for any occasion. Get a quote and start storing today!

6 stress busting ways to use self storage at Christmas – summary

  1. Hiding presents
  2. Wrapping space
  3. Storing extra stock
  4. Making room for guests
  5. Rearranging furniture
  6. Storing decorations after Christmas