Hunkering down for winter: Top 10 things that get in our way over Winter


As days begin to get shorter and that little bit colder, there’s not so much need for deckchairs and summer sandals. If your home is tight on storage space and you don’t want all your summer possessions getting in the way over the winter, consider some of the things you can store in a self-storage unit until the sun reappears next year.

Summer wardrobes

Your summer wardrobe may have been your go-to fashion choices since June, but now that the cold weather is rolling in, you may find less of a need for shorts or floaty summery dresses. That’s why it’s a great idea to store your summer clothes and shoes to free up space in your drawers and wardrobes for all your lovely cosy jumpers and boots.

It’s very easy to store a wardrobe in a storage unit; you can just purchase a few free-standing clothes rails and hangers. Shoe boxes and hanging storage shelves can also be a great way to store all the sandals and flip flops that you won’t need in the colder months.

At Titan Self Storage, our storage units offer flexible storage periods and access so you can store your summer wardrobe as long as you want, and access it 24/7, just in case you’ve stored away a top or skirt you suddenly realise you need for an outfit.

Watersports equipment

You may have been an avid watersport enthusiast during the summer months, but as the water begins to get chilly, there’s a fair chance you’re less likely to brave it!  Instead of having paddleboards, kayaks, surfboards and other watersports equipment lying around the house and cluttering up your living or storage space, why not store it in a self-storage unit?

This way, your equipment stays clean and dry, and undamaged, all through the winter months so that it is ready and waiting as soon as the sun is shining and the water warms up!

Watersports gear

Along with the equipment you need for watersports, there is also a lot of gear that you have to possess in order to take part in these water-borne activities, such as paddles, wetsuits, life jackets, shoes, sails and more.

No one wants to have all these items laying around when preparing for the holiday season; paddles aren’t fantastic Christmas decorations. Instead, store them until you need them again and save the storage space you have for things you need over the winter period.

If you’re storing with Titan Storage, we can tailor your storage unit to whatever size you need, depending on how much you need to store. Check out our size estimator to find out what storage unit you need.

Suitcases and luggage

Unless you’re heading off to get some winter sun abroad, we think you might be wrestling with some suitcases and luggage, trying to find a place to store them until your next holiday escape. They’re not small objects, and there’s only so many small suitcases that can fit inside bigger ones.

Instead of lugging them from room to room when you need access, or trying to squeeze them in the top or bottom of a wardrobe, store them in a self-storage unit and breathe a sigh of relief.

You can store them for as long as you need at Titan Storage and can access them at any time so, if you suddenly decide to jet off on an impromptu getaway, they’re easy to access.


Garden furniture

Your wooden chairs and table may be the height of sophistication during summer garden parties and social events when you can sit outside, but less people are going to want to brave the cold when it gets to winter. Instead of mournfully staring at your deckchairs, wishing it was summer again, store them away and don’t get tempted to try and find out if you can still tan through clouds.

A self-storage unit is the perfect place to store all your garden furniture, since you can specify the size of unit that you want, and the clean, dry units will keep your furniture looking lovely, instead of rain damaged. Also, if you possess any marquees or gazebos, a storage unit is also a great place to store them until you need them for another outdoor event.


Along with garden furniture, you may own a barbeque which will need to be stored away for the winter so that it doesn’t get damaged by being left outside for the winter months.

Storing your barbeque in a self-storage unit, like the ones at Titan Self Storage, is the perfect option since you’re able to store it in a dry place that will keep it free from damage, and if you want a winter barbeque at all, the 24/7 access means that you can come and retrieve the barbeque whenever you want.

Beach gear and picnic equipment

Everyone loves a visit to the beach and a good picnic, but picnics and days out to the seaside can become a lot less appealing when they’re accompanied by wind or rain. Instead of keeping the picnic bags, plates, hampers and beach towels cluttering up your home, place them in a self-storage unit and keep them safe until the summer.

Make sure, before you do store these items, to wash them and make sure there’s no food or sand left in them to make life easier when summer rolls back around.

Children’s items

If you have a young child, you may have been using a summer pram during the warmer months of the year; this pram would have been suited to providing shade, being lightweight and portable, possibly would have been open, and may have come with summer pram liners.

Unfortunately, a summer pram won’t keep your baby very warm when you’re outside during the winter months and it would be prudent to store the summer pram to provide space for a winter alternative. That way, you don’t have two prams blocking routes in the house or cluttering up a car boot.

Also, during the summer, children may have been playing with garden toys that have now been discarded due to the drop-in temperature. Instead of leaving them out in the garden to get damaged or broken, and if you don’t have a shed, store them instead.

That way, your children’s beloved garden toys can survive for another year and can be brought out of storage when the weather gets warmer.


Unless you use your bike to commute, and are still using it as the weather gets worse and the evenings get darker, you may not want to have it laying around the house and taking up space.

Storing your bike with Titan Storage means that you can access it whenever you want and there are also high levels of security in place so there’s no way that your expensive road bike, or mountain bike, could go missing.

Make sure you clean your bike before you bring it into storage just to make sure that it doesn’t rust from moisture left in the nooks and crannies, and you don’t retrieve it from storage and instantly need to clean it.

Camping gear

Camping has become a popular activity over this summer, and if you bought into the holiday alternative, we guarantee that you’ll have a lot of gear that you need to find homes for.

Whether glamping or camping, you’ll have required a tent and cooking equipment, neither of which are particularly compact items. Don’t wrestle with canvas and tarpaulin, store the items instead and retrieve them from storage next summer to head out again!

Titan Storage Solutions lets you store your items for as long as you want and keeps them clean and dry, and safe, so that you can get back out into the great outdoors as soon as the ground is dry and the sun is up.

If you’re thinking about storing anything with Titan Storage over the coming winter months, visit our website to find out more about the different services we offer, or get a quote to start storing today!