Storage tips: Handy storage solutions


Hidden storage

Choose furniture that offers secret storage within! It’s the perfect place to store anything that is making a smaller room look cluttered or messy, like extra pillows and blankets. The Habitat Sidney sofa is a fantastic 3-seater sofa, with plenty of storage.

Another space saver is buying a bed that offers storage underneath. Choose a bed that either lifts or has drawers – this is a perfect alternative to a chest of drawers, which will give you additional bedroom space. The OTTORI Dark grey velvet super king bed, available from Habitat, provides this. We say utilise your bedroom space for optimum comfort, not for unnecessary furniture!

Embrace vertical space

Make the most of everything available to you – and that includes going high! Utilise your wall space with trendy shelving – it will add to the aesthetic of the room, as well as offering a load of extra space for books, photos, or trinkets. And in the kitchen, put up a plate rack for your dishes, and use the walls for hanging utensils – you could even get a ceiling rack, to hang your pots!


Multi-task your furniture

Make your stuff work harder, by doubling up on its uses. Choose furniture that offers internal storage solutions, like the Tolix White Bureau Clapet Desk, available at Designers Guild. Inspired by school desks of old, it offers storage within, meaning less desk clutter. Place furniture strategically, and use your desk as your nightstand (and vice versa).


Hang it up

Make the most of the backs of the doors. Lots of your stuff can be hung on these; whether it’s towels in the bathroom, toys in the kid’s bedrooms, or shoes in the hallway. This keeps the place tidy (vital in smaller spaces), and helps things stay organised. You can even hang your jewellery on the back of the door – this unit, from Bed, Bath and Beyond, who now ship to the UK – has a mirror, making it even more useful!


Style and substance

When choosing design pieces, or the items that will make your home your own, consider storage. Find funky storage boxes, cool wicker baskets, or trendy suitcase storage, that not only look great, but also serve a purpose! These trunks, available in Habitat, are perfect design pieces, that are also super handy for storage.

And if you can’t fit all your furniture in your home, put it in self storage for safekeeping! Keep your larger and less used items in there too; your skis, golf clubs, and diving gear can all be kept at Titan Self Storage. They are accessible 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, amazingly convenient! And you can rest easy in the knowledge that your valuables are safe and secure, just a stone’s throw away, and not clogging up your apartment. Perfect!