How to store your sports equipment


Sport enthusiasts know the importance of good equipment. Often a huge investment, equipment such as skis, snowboards and golf clubs need to be well looked after to keep you at the top of your game. Whether the transition into the warmer months prompts you to stow away your skis, or finding space for your growing golf club collection is proving a challenge, finding the correct storage solution for your sporting equipment is essential.

Notoriously difficult to store, sports equipment can often be awkwardly shaped, rigid, and likely to take up a lot of space. Here are our top tips on how to store your sports paraphernalia to keep it in tip-top condition.

Ski gear

With skiing comes a great deal of space consuming apparel, and the end of ski season means finding somewhere to safely store it until the winter rolls around again. To keep your equipment pristine while not in use, there are some preventative measures you’ll need to take. Your skis will need to be cleaned, and wax applied to protect them from moisture and rust. Ski boots should be wiped down and aired out, and the outer lens of your goggles will need to be gently wiped with a lens cloth.

Your skis and apparel should be kept away from heat, light and moisture within a temperature controlled room to keep rust at bay. Remember to lay your skis flat while they are in storage- they should be stored on their sides, with nothing laying on top of them.

Golf clubs

Whether an injury is preventing you from hitting the golf course, or you are running short on space, it may be necessary to store your golf clubs away – unfortunately the boot of your car just won’t do the job! Before putting your clubs into storage, clean the clubheads and grips before allowing them to dry and placing them in their golf bag, with a rain cover, if you have one. Your golf clubs will need to be stored in a temperature controlled environment to ensure the grips don’t dry out and the clubheads won’t be damaged with exposure to moisture.

Tennis rackets and balls

The unpredictable British summertime will sometimes call for impromptu games of tennis, and as tempting as it may be to keep your racket and tennis balls in the back seat of your car for such an occasion, extreme temperatures can damage your equipment. Both hot and cold conditions can cause your tennis balls to bounce lower or higher than normal, and your racket strings to become stiff or loose. Keep your tennis balls and rackets in a climate controlled space to avoid any extreme temperatures or humidity. When putting your rackets into storage, use a racket cover for protection, and keep tennis balls in an air-tight container to keep your game strong.




Water sport equipment

If water sports float your boat, it’s more than likely that you’ll own some fairly valuable equipment that you’ll want to keep safe, clean and secure. The age-old enemy to water sport equipment is salt, so make sure you hose everything down with fresh water before storing it. When it comes to your wetsuit, use a specialist shampoo and then rinse it thoroughly. Surfboards and paddleboards should be leant up against a wall and kept away from direct sunlight to prevent them from cracking and splitting under harmful UV rays.

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