What to do with your excess Christmas stock?

Christmas is a crucial time in many business calendars. It presents the opportunity to run Christmas campaigns, and jump on the hysteria of the festive season! This usually means months of preparation; ordering bundles of stock, or (intentionally) creating more products than your estimates predict you will need.

So, what happens when your festive-themed goods or the Christmas-crazy level of demand dies down?


If you’re left with a load of excess stock, a good way to shift it would be to run a post-Christmas offer. If the goods are non-perishable and don’t have the year written on, shrewd bargain-loving customers are likely to pick it up and save it for next year! A simple 50% off offer or BOGOF campaign will help move the stock.

If the goods ARE perishable, slashing the price or offering bundle deals is a good way of ensuring nothing goes to waste.

christmas box characters


Another way to move stock could be to give it to the less fortunate. Christmas is a time for considering what we have, and how lucky we are to have it. Others aren’t always in as good a position as we are, so donating to charity is a good way to give back, especially if it may go to waste otherwise. Food and sweets can be donated to local charities, food banks and children’s homes.

A host of charities and charity shops would appreciate clothes, books, furniture, and other Christmas stock, and supporting these local causes is a fantastic way to give back.

Repurpose it

If your stock will be out of date when the New Year rolls in, there won’t be a demand for it. Here’s where you need to get creative, and figure out what you could do with this stock. Is there a way to rework or change it to make it relevant again? And if there isn’t, could it be turned into something else?


Save for next year

If your stock is still going to be okay for next Christmas, and there’s items left over following your post-Christmas sale, save it for next year. Box it up, pack it away – or keep it out of your hair in the meantime and stick it in storage! Our clean, dry, and secure units are perfect for keeping your stock in pristine condition, ready for bringing back out next year.

If you have excess stock (or Christmas decorations!) that would be better off in storage, contact us today for a quote!