Student storage: a guide to moving out of storage

Student storage can come in handy if you need somewhere to keep your stuff over the summer or Christmas period. Not all landlords allow you to store your possessions in their property when you’re not paying rent, as they may be renting the space out to other short-term tenants. Equally, you don’t want to take everything home either – you’ll only have to bring it all back again in a few weeks.

It’s no surprise, then, that many students opt to keep their stuff safe in a storage unit, but how easy are they to move out of? Let’s take a look at the convenience of student storage.

How to move out of your student storage

Once you know the date on which you’re moving back into your student accommodation, you must let your storage provider know that you plan to move out. At Titan Storage, we require at least 14 days’ written notice – either pop in and fill out a form or send us a quick email.

A few days before your move-out date, contact the store and double-check they are aware when you’re terminating your storage contract. Prepare for the move out date by ensuring you have a vehicle which will fit all of your possessions in. If you don’t have a car yourself, try asking a friend or parent for help. Alternatively, enquire at the store and we will recommend a local removal company.

Once you’ve moved everything out, a member of staff at the store will check the space to ensure it’s clean and nothing has been left behind. You will then be asked to sign a form stating you have moved out and the storage contract has been terminated. All in all, the process should take around five minutes!

If you wish, you can arrange to move out during the night. You will, however, need to return during opening hours to sign the necessary paperwork and end the contract.

Tips for unpacking your storage items

Moving into any property, new or old, can seem like a daunting task. There are so many boxes to unpack – you’re probably tempted to find all the fun items first and sort out the boring ones later. Do this, though, and you may end up with a room full of half-unpacked boxes for a whole year!

Here are our tips for unpacking efficiently and painlessly:

  • Unpack one room at a time – Sort your boxes out according to what’s inside them (hopefully you will have labelled them appropriately) and put them in the room they belong in. This way you can unpack one room at a time, inside of darting all over the house trying to find a space for everything.
  • Put time aside to do it properly – Don’t move all of your stuff in on a day you’ve got more important things to do, otherwise you’ll only get halfway through the task.
  • Unpack the ‘fun’ things last – Leave that games console/computer/TV in the box until you’ve unpacked everything else first! Your electronics could prove to be a big distraction if you take them out and set them up straight away.
  • Get a friend to help you – If you really hate unpacking, bribe a friend with the promise of a free pint if they put all your pots, pans and dishes away for you. The job will be finished a lot quicker with two pairs of hands.

For more tips on student storage, check out our other handy guides. Alternatively, get in touch with us today for a student budget-friendly quote.

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