Short-term storage- When and how to utilise short-term storage?

Do you want to know how short-term storage can benefit you for personal and business use? Keep reading to find out when and how to utilise short-term storage.


What is short-term storage?

Short-term storage is a temporary storage solution that allows you to declutter your home or workplace. Typically, short-term storage is defined as a period of fewer than three months to give you the extra space you need, when you need it.

Using short-term rental storage for personal and business use is a great way to organise your belongings and keep them safe during a move, renovation, or just simply to create more room at home or in the office.

Items can be placed in short-term storage when moving house, renting out a room, and renovating a house, as well as during life changes, office renovations, and office relocations.

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Short-term storage for personal use

Using short-term storage for personal use can relieve the pressure during stressful periods. Are you renting out a room? Or do you simply need somewhere to store your seasonal hobbies? If so, short-term storage could be the perfect solution for you.


Moving house

Moving house is an exciting, yet stressful time for all the family. In order to make your moving process a pleasant experience, you should consider short-term storage.

Short-term storage will allow you to declutter your house during the selling process and keep your possessions safe and secure up until you move into your new home.

Using external storage solutions also allows for a slow, stress-free transition. In the months leading up to your move, you can slowly transfer belongings into storage and unpack them at your convenience after move-in day. This eliminates the rush and pressure to pack up and unpack your house in a limited time frame as you can move at a gradual pace.


Renting your house or room

If you have a spare room that is currently serving as a dumping ground and makeshift bedroom for when guests occasionally come to stay, you may be considering renting out the room, or your entire house, for some easy cash.

Sites such as Airbnb make it quick and simple for homeowners to rent out a room or entire house for some extra income.

A guest house should not contain personal belongings so you should move all items that are not for guests. Family photographs, valuables, clothes, and appliances are among the items you should consider placing in short-term storage.

The more items you leave on display in the guest house, the higher chance there is that a guest will interact with your personal belongings and potentially break them.


Home renovations

Home renovations can be messy, dusty, and often take a long time to complete. To ensure your furniture and décor stay in pristine condition, you should place them in a short-term storage unit.

It may not always be a viable option to move large pieces of furniture to another room in the house due to space. Choosing short-term storage will ensure your belongings are kept safe and away from chaos. Whether you are painting the walls or replacing the floors, there is every risk that your stuff could become splattered in paint, submerged in dust, or even broken during the renovation process.

Once the renovation is complete, you can place your items back into your beautifully redecorated home.


Hobby storage

If you’re into gardening, sports, or any other kind of hobby, you will need a safe, dry space to store your equipment when it is not in use. Leaving your equipment outside or in a shed during the colder months could allow your apparatus to become wet and damaged.

Short-term storage will ensure your hobby equipment remains in top condition so it can be used the following season. Using external storage solutions also leaves you with more space to enjoy in your garden or garage.


Life changes

Life changes often come unexpectedly and abruptly so you need quick and fuss-free solutions. A divorce, bereavement, downsizing, or moving in with a new partner are all drastic life changes that may mean you are left with more belongings than you have room for.

Short-term storage will keep your items secure and allow you to keep belongings you may need in the future and give you time to adjust to your life change, whether it is good or bad.  Storage units can be accessed at your own convenience, so when you are ready, you can retrieve, collect, and sort through your belongings.

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Short-term storage for businesses

Short-term storage is also a safe, secure, and convenient storage method for businesses. There are many reasons businesses may need more space whether that’s due to a renovation, office move, or starting up a new business.

Wondering if your business could benefit from short-term storage solutions? Keep reading.


Start-up business

Starting and growing a business can be a hard, resilient process. Usually, businesses are launched in a room or garage at home but what happens when your business outgrows that space?

A start-up business acquires a large inventory that can quickly overrun the home and cause living space to become impractical. Moving your business inventory into short-term storage is a great compromise so you don’t have to throw away any stock or supplies but you gain back valuable space within your home.

With 24-hour access seven days a week, your business inventory is available whenever you need it and is kept safe and secure when you don’t.


Office renovations

Just like home renovations, office renovations can be a tricky and messy endeavour. Most businesses will have at least some furniture and valuable assets that should be removed from the renovation site.

Storing away belongings using short-term storage can avoid damage and unnecessary stress. By using Titan Self Storage business storage, you can trust your items will be stored in a clean and safe unit until you are ready to collect them.


Office move

An office move very rarely goes to plan. With staff, important documents, and furniture to take care of and transport to the new premises it could be valuable to your business to choose short-term storage to support you through the move.

By choosing short-term storage solutions you can begin the pack away and store items in the unit months before the move. You can also unpack and collect items at your own convenience after the move for a seamless transition.

But don’t worry, Titan Self Storage units can be accessed 24 hours a day seven days a week, so if you need something for your business out of storage, you can collect it any time.

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Our short-term solutions

At Titan Self Storage, you can choose the location and size of your storage unit to suit you or your business needs. We offer a wide variety of storage options to suit your requirements from small locker-style compartments to large bulk spaces for businesses.

Bright modern storage facilities ensure your belongings are kept safe and secure while also allowing you to access your belongings 24 hours a day, seven days a week. For more information about Titan Self Storage short-term storage, get in touch with an expert today.