How to store your memories – Keepsake storage

Keeping precious memories safe is of utmost priority for many people but, whether you run out of attic space easily or your bookshelves are overflowing with photo albums, you may wonder whether there is a better way to store your memories.

Therefore, we’d like to share with you a few effective ways to store your family or personal memories so that you can free up some space while still remembering all the good times you’ve had.

photo storage

Storing photographs

As we move towards a digital age where everything is stored on a computer, there’s no better time to make sure that all the physical photographs you have are stored safely and securely. There’s no better way to keep photographs safe than photo albums, but you have to make sure that they’re the right ones.

For long lasting storage, use albums that have acid-free paper so that they don’t damage or leech the colour out of the photographs. For extra organisation, keep photo albums organised by year and then put them in boxes labelled with that year.

Storing clothing

Whether it’s your wedding dress, a child’s christening gown or a piece of clothing that means something special to you, keeping it in pristine condition is probably your main concern.

There are two different options for storing clothing, either storing it in a box or hanging it. When box storing clothing, it’s easy to keep the item in an acid-free environment to make sure it doesn’t deteriorate by choosing a box that is made of acid-free material. Box storage can also protect the item of clothing from dust and light, which can also damage it. Periodic inspection and refolding may be necessary to avoid permanent creases.

Storing an item of clothing by hanging it will require a bag in which to put it. The best choice of bag, so as to keep it away from an acid-free environment, is a muslin gown bag. This will protect the fabric of the clothing from light, dust and permanent creasing. The bag also allows for better air circulation, meaning the fabric can breathe and doesn’t need refolding or any maintenance.

storing letters and cards

Storing books

If you’re a bibliophile, chances are you’ve collected a lot of books during your lifetime. Sometimes though, you may not have enough space on your bookshelves, or your bookshelves are struggling with the weight of how many books you own. If that’s the case, it may be a good idea to store some of the books you’ve kept because of how much you loved them, or because they’re classics and free up the space for your newer purchases.

Make sure to use plastic boxes since they’re much less likely to encourage mildew or mould. Don’t forget to label the boxes too so you know exactly what’s kept inside and can find your favourite book as soon as you want to read it again.

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