Top tips for storing your Christmas decorations

Everyone’s least favourite job, after the excitement of the Christmas season, is to have to pack up all your decorations. It’s a hassle to get the tree down, make sure all the decorations are boxed up and to pack up the lights without creating too many knots and tangles to unravel the following year!

But, what if you made packing up so easy that it not only made the taking down easier, but also putting it all back up the following year? Read on to find out our top tips to do exactly that.

1. Store baubles in clear bags

There’s nothing worse than hunting through your boxes trying to find the right baubles to match your colour scheme so, when packing away, why not consider storing all your tree decorations in clear bags to make finding them that much easier.

You could sort them by colour, style, the year you got them, or any other system that works for you. Not only will this make things easier to find but, also, you’ll be able to store baubles and other decorations a lot more easily when they’re out of the space-consuming boxes.

2. Reduce your tree size with plastic wrap

If you have an artificial tree, you’re probably well-aware of the struggles that come from packing it away every year. It never fits back into the box the way it came out and is always much too big for the space you’re imagining it fitting in.

Instead of wrestling a tree back into the cardboard box it came in, why not instead utilise a very handy household item – cling wrap, or plastic wrap? Simply wrap your tree in cling wrap, which will protect it all through the rest of the year, and then cut the plastic off when you’re ready to reassemble in December.

3. Wrap your lights around cardboard

If your Christmas lights come out of their boxes looking like a mess of tangled wires and you spend far too much time having to untangle them, there is a simpler way to organise them that will save you all that hassle.

Wrapping your lights around cardboard can provide a great means of keeping the lights untangled and easy to pack away. If you want to make it even easier, cut notches into the cardboard to slot the lights into so that they don’t move around on the board.

4. Use household items for storage

Salvaging household packaging over the Christmas period to use as decoration holders when packing your decs away might not sound like an obvious idea, but there’s no reason why you shouldn’t.

Using boxes, tubs, cups, or plastic trays, padded out with bubble wrap or tissue paper to store baubles or more oddly shaped decorations, and wrap ti.nsel or garlands around kitchen roll tubes or even wrapping paper tubes to keep them from getting tangled.

5. Make use of a storage unit

If you don’t really have space in your home for your decorations, and would like somewhere to store them safely and securely through the year until December, why not consider a storage unit?

By renting a unit, you’ll be able to get all the Christmas decorations out from under your feet and stored in a suitable unit, meaning you’ll have the space you need in your home and the peace of mind that all your decorations will be right there when you need them for the festive season.

If you’d like to rent a storage unit for all your decorations this year, simply get a quote at Titan Storage for the size unit you’ll need, and we’ll be able to start you off on your storage journey for the new year!