How to pack plates and glasses for moving

When it comes to moving home, it is important that you transport your belongings in a way that gets them to their new destination safe and sound! The key to achieving this is to ensure that they are packed with care and of course, are packed in the correct way.

Many people struggle when it comes to packing glasses and plates for moving. After all, they are incredibly easy to break at the best of times. The good news is that we have created a helpful guide outlining our top tips for packing plates for moving

What you’ll learn in our packing guide

In our packing guide, you’ll learn how to safely pack glasses and plates for moving, so they make it to their new destination in perfect condition.

What you’ll need

  • Packing paper
  • Packing tape
  • Packing boxes
  • Bubble wrap

wrapping plates and glassing in bubble wrap

Packing plates for moving – our step-by-step guide

First and foremost, make sure you have your packing paper and tape to hand before you get started.

Once you’re prepped, follow these simple steps for packing success:

  • Start by taking the first plate and place it on one side of the paper
  • Fold one sheet of your packing paper over the top, then place the next plate on top of that, taking extra care
  • Fold another sheet over this plate and then repeat the process
  • Once you have stacked four plates, carefully tuck the paper neatly around the plates so that they form a bundle
  • You should then wrap some more sheets around the bundle of plates
  • Finally, when placing inside the box, ensure the plates are stacked on their side. This will help to prevent any impact damage during transit.

Always remember to mark your boxes as being fragile so that you know to take extra care with them.

Can you pack plates using newspaper?

Although newspaper is widely used to pack a wide range of fragile items, it is not recommended for plates. This is because the ink from the newspaper can actually bleed onto your dishes, causing potentially irreversible damage. Instead, opt for packing paper or bubble wrap.

How many plates should go in a box?

As a general rule of thumb when packing, make bundles of three to four dishes and pack them separately. Each bundle should be safely secured in the box with more padding added if necessary.

How to pack ceramic plates

When packing ceramic plates, bubble wrap is the best option as it absorbs pressure from other sources and prevents this pressure from being transferred to your plates. Simply wrap each plate with some bubble wrap and secure it with tape. Each plate should then be stacked with care.

How to pack china plates

China can be incredibly fragile. With this in mind, always take extra care when packing china plates. Packing paper is the best option – ensure you place cushioning material in the bottom of the box and wrap each piece individually.

How to pack different types of glasses

How to pack wine glasses

When it comes to packing your wine glasses, start by placing each glass on your chosen packing paper, horizontally. Then, take a corner of the packing paper and simply roll the glass into the paper, ensuring you tuck the sides of the paper into the glass securely.

How to pack cocktail glasses

Cocktail glasses come in all different shapes and sizes, so can often be tricky to pack, which is why you will need a cell box and packing paper. Start by taking your wrapping paper and wrapping and stuffing each glass. Once the cocktail glasses are wrapped, place each one inside the compartment, making sure you put the stem in first. Finally, fill the empty space with paper or bubble wrap for added security.

The above methods of packing glasses apply to the vast majority of glass types.

How to transport fragile boxes

Here are our top tips on how to transport your fragile boxes so that your belongings arrive safely:

The key to success is to prepare in advance

When it comes to packing your belongings securely, the key is to take your time and ensure that you are prepared in advance so that you’re not rushed. With this in mind, you should start the process weeks before your moving day and make sure you have the tools, materials and manpower to box up your dishes safely and securely.

How to label fragile boxes

Labelling your boxes that contain fragile items is super important as it will help your movers handle them with care as they know that the box contains breakable items. Labelling your boxes also helps when unpacking and organising your belongings in their new home!

moving box labelled fragile

Know how to pack properly

Finally knowing how to pack your belongings properly is also key to moving success. With this in mind, do your research on the best way to pack each item and of course, plan in advance.

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