How to dispose of cardboard boxes

Cardboard boxes are extremely helpful when it comes to storage or moving house. Their shape allows them to be stacked and they can easily be transported.

However, once the move is done or you have downsized your storage facilities, cardboard boxes are no longer useful and can become a space-hogging burden.

If your house has become overrun by empty cardboard boxes, don’t fear! Here are some ideas for what you can do with leftover cardboard boxes.

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How to get rid of boxes after moving

It is not surprising that after a move you find yourself the new owner of many cardboard boxes. Due to their strong and sturdy components, cardboard boxes are your best friends during a house move.

They can hold all your belongings with no problem and are easily accessible. But once you’re finished using them, they can quickly become your nemesis.

After moving house, you can return your cardboard boxes to your removals company. There are moving companies located across the UK that will not only assist you with the move but will also take back and dispose of the boxes for you.

You can also pass on any boxes that are still intact to somebody else who might need them. Offer them to a neighbour or advertise free moving boxes on social media platforms to help somebody in need.

Another option is to donate to a local charity. Most charities utilise cardboard boxes through their day-to-day operations so you can trust your donated boxes will be put to good use.

Breaking down cardboard boxes into cardboard sheets can be a great way to reduce the amount of space being taken up in your home.

Broken down cardboard can be used as fire tinder in your fireplace, floor protection when painting and even as shelves in your wardrobe.

By folding down the boxes you can store and save the cardboard in a much more efficient way in case you need to use them for storage, moving or any emergencies.


How to get rid of boxes for moving through a giveaway

There are plenty of giveaway sites where you can advertise and let your local community know you have cardboard boxes available for collection.

Organisations such as Freecycle and Freegle have dedicated websites that let you give and get stuff for free from people in your town.

To gift your cardboard boxes to somebody in your local area, simply register to the site online and start listing your items for free.

By using these websites, you can declutter your home while helping people nearby. Sometimes, people in your town will even post item requests so be sure to get in contact with anyone searching for moving boxes.

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How to get rid of boxes by selling

If you’re looking to make some of the money back that you spent buying the cardboard boxes, you can also choose to sell them via an online buy-and-sell site.

Although the price that movers are prepared to pay may vary depending on the condition, size and how many boxes you have, there are always people on the hunt for moving boxes that are willing to pay.

Facebook Marketplace is a great way to advertise cardboard boxes for sale and your listing can also be shared around the Facebook site.

There are also some companies that will pay for your old or unwanted cardboard boxes. Send the company a detailed description of the boxes that you have to sell, and they will come back to you with their best offer.

This initiative aims to reduce and reuse as much waste as possible. Selling your boxes to a business that accepts used and surplus cardboard is an easy way to make some of your money back.


How to get rid of cardboard boxes through recycling

Taking your unwanted cardboard boxes to your local recycling centre helps to reduce waste and benefit the environment.

Cardboard is widely accepted at recycling centres across the UK to avoid recyclable materials ending up in a landfill.

If you are unable to access your local recycling centre, you can break down the boxes and place them in recycling bins that are spread across your local area.

If you have a cardboard and paper waste collection bin at your house, you can also break down the moving boxes and put them out for the weekly recycling collection.

Recycling your boxes is a great way to ensure your cardboard is disposed of correctly and made into new products such as cereal boxes or paper towels.


How to get rid of moving boxes through upcycling

By choosing to upcycle your old, unwanted or leftover cardboard boxes you are giving them a new lease of life.

From drawer dividers and DIY postcards to a child’s playhouse and Halloween costume, the creative opportunities are endless.

Cardboard boxes can also be used as planters and composting as it is an organic waste material. Simply cut down the cardboard to size and begin to layer creating a compost heap or filling with soil before adding seeds for a homemade planter.

If you’re up for a real challenge, you can even transform old cardboard into photo frames, gift baskets and other pieces of furniture.

Cardboard is durable, heavy and environmentally friendly. You can make just about any piece of furniture from moving boxes.

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