How much of a hoarder are you?

We all like to hold on to some things, but they don’t necessarily have to take up residence in our home. Decluttering, however, can be a difficult art to master.

What does hoarding mean?

Hoarding and clutter are two very different things. The NHS describes hoarding as a disorder where someone acquires excessive quantities of items and chaotically stores them. It is considered to be a significant problem if the large quantities of items interfere with everyday life or cause distress. Clutter, in contrast, is just mess. The house can be moved around in and be tidied up without any emotional ramifications.

Am I a hoarder?

Does your home currently resemble a dragon’s lair, or would decluttering expert Marie Kondo be proud? It’s time to find out, with the help of our quiz. In just six simple questions, you could find out if you’re a perfectly neat person with a tidy abode, our someone with some mild hoarding tendencies. Once you’re got your answer, why not share the results with your friends?

Quiz: How much of a hoarder are you?

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What do these results mean?

This quiz is just for fun and shouldn’t be treated as medical advice. However, if you’ve just got lots of clutter which needs to be moved, we have plenty of personal storage options available to help clear out your home.

Why not take a look at what storage units we have an offer and find a place to keep all your items – at least until you can work out what to do with them.