Tape at wholesale prices

Tape is essential for securing any type of storage box. Our tape is ideal for ensuring that your belongings arrive at their end destination safe and sound.

Whether you’re looking for tape, fragile tape or a tape dispenser, you’re in the right place. Our tape solutions will help your move run as seamlessly as possible.

We supply:

Fragile Tape – We all have valuables that need to be handled with extra care. Our fragile tape is perfect for marking those extra special items so that those moving them know to be especially careful.

Tape – Our strong, versatile tape will ensure your storage boxes are assembled securely and ready to be moved. For heavier boxes, we always recommend using a double strip!

Tape Dispenser – Saving you a lot of time and energy when it comes to taping up your storage boxes, our tape dispenser helps to make light work of large-scale moves.

If you require further information about any of our tape solutions, please get in touch. Our friendly, helpful, and professional team is always on hand to help with your personal storage, business storage and student storage needs.

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