Looking to sell your home and want the place to feel more airy for potential buyers? Or is that old vinyl collection you cannot bear to throw away taking up too much space in the spare room? Whatever you need to free up space for, at Titan Self Storage we can help you de-clutter, without having to get rid of your prized possessions. Whether you need a long term solution that is an extension to your home, or a more short term solution, we can provide exactly what you need.

One of the easiest and most effective ways to sell a home is to declutter; remove all those knickknacks, create space by moving unnecessary items of furniture, take those personal possessions out of view and hide those dust-covered football trophies. It’s a well-known and widely-practised technique, allowing viewers to imagine their own belongings in a space so they’re more inclined to make an offer.

Of course, not everyone who declutters is selling their home. Perhaps you just want to replace your dining suite with something new, but don’t want to throw the old one out? Maybe it’s finally time that your collection of 12-inch records is stored in a safe, external space away from the damp of the loft? Or do you need to convert that junk-filled second bedroom room into a nursery

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How Titan can help you to declutter

  • Range of tailored unit sizes from small lockers to large garages.
  •  Flexible access with secure pin code entry systems to retrieve those last-minute items.
  •  State of the art CCTV security.
  •  Long term loyalty discounts for customers storing over 6 months.
  •  Bright, clean & modern storage facilities.

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