Meeting Rooms

Need somewhere to host a quick meeting? Perhaps your current meeting rooms are fully booked and heading to a coffee shop just isn’t suitable. At Titan Storage Solutions we have ready to use meeting rooms available for as little as an hour to a whole day. Our meeting rooms complete with WI-FI and coffee making facilities allowing you a professional approach in a relaxed atmosphere.

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Why Use Titan Storage Solutions

  • Relaxed atmosphere with Wi-Fi and coffee making facilities, customer toilets available.
  • Easy to find – stores are located with convenient access off main roads.
  • Free Parking, close to town centres.
  • Available out of reception opening hours.

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Meeting Rooms

Benefits of Meeting Rooms Rental

Inside a Titan Storage self storage facility

Last-minute space

Our flexible spaces are perfect for hosting last-minute meetings with important clients. Perhaps an unexpected pitching opportunity has arisen, or important crisis talks are needed – whatever the situation, our meeting facilities are ready to use at a moment’s notice

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All under one bill

Everything in your meeting room is included in the total cost – there are no surprise fees so you’ll always know where you stand financially. This covers not only the space itself but also the heating, lighting and Wi-Fi. We even include coffee-making facilities.

dedicated parking

Dedicated parking

All of our facilities have dedicated parking areas, so however many people are attending your meeting, they’ll have somewhere directly outside to pull up. This way, you can make a good impression on the new client you’re meeting for the first time.

Titan Storage Solutions Solihull

Great locations

We have facilities located across various locations in the UK, from the Midlands right down to the south coast. What’s more, they are all easily accessible from their nearest town centres, meaning nobody will have trouble finding their way. This also makes it easier to impress those who need impressing, perhaps by continuing the meeting more informally in a nearby restaurant.

Titan Storage tips for Meeting Rooms

We have lots of storage advice on our blog. Don’t forget to check it out.

  • If you are in rented accommodation, don’t forget to inform your landlord about the move at least 6 weeks in advance.
  • Start de-cluttering. It is also at this point you might want to think about booking extra storage.
  • Purchase moving boxes and packing supplies like silk paper, bubble wrap, extra blankets etc. Check out the great deals Titan Storage has to offer!
  • Notify all relevant authorities about your new address: utility companies (gas, electricity, water, phone), bank, post, doctors, TV subscription, deliveries etc.
  • Checkout our moving checklist blog post for more helpful tips.