Living in Braintree: Lifestyle and Investment Guide

With countless attractions, restaurants, green open spaces, and fascinating heritage, Braintree is a flourishing market town, located less than 20 miles from Colchester and Chelmsford.

Situated in North Essex, Braintree has continued to expand in recent years, and now offers a vibrant base for young professionals and families to live, learn, and work, without having to compromise on easy access to the capital, which is only a 60 minute commute away.

Offering everything from designer shopping through to steam railways and medieval barns, Braintree is a highly desirable, bustling market town that offers the perfect balance between rolling countryside and busy city life.

And, if you’re thinking about relocating to the area, you’ve certainly landed in the right place. We’ve created a helpful guide outlining everything that you need to know about Braintree in Essex.

Braintree Housing

Housing in the area is extremely diverse, providing plenty of choice for families of all shapes and sizes looking for great properties at affordable prices.

From converted barns and cottages, through to modern townhouses and new homes, you will find a great choice of properties in the area, whatever your budget and property wish list.

Average House Prices in Braintree

The cost of a property in Braintree varies depending on a range of factors including the number of rooms, the area you’re moving to, and the condition of the property.

According to, current average asking prices for properties in Braintree range from £141,265 for one bedroom properties, up to £513,710 for five bedroom properties. The average price for a terraced property is £282,312, a semi-detached property is £311,442, whilst a detached property is £446,466. The average cost of a flat in Braintree is  currently £169,303.

House Rental Prices in Braintree

If you’d rather rent a property, there are plenty of options available in Braintree.

Average property rents in Braintree are £899pcm, with the average rent of a room being £489pcm, the average rent of a flat being £742pcm, and the average rent of a house being £988pcm. Of course, rental costs vary significantly depending on the type, size, and location of the property.


From designer boutiques through to popular high street shops, Braintree offers a great selection of shopping outlets for you to get your shopping fix!

Braintree is home to Freeport, a popular shopping area situated in a relaxing village environment. Here you will find a great selection of shops, without having to endure the stress that often comes hand in hand with manoeuvring busy shopping centres and the bustling streets of central London.

Braintree History

Steeped in rich history, Braintree has never forgotten its roots and, dotted around the town, you will find a whole host of heritage centres and museums that will allow you to delve deeper into the area’s wonderful past.

From Bronze Age and Roman settlements through to industrial successes, you will be able to gain an insight into the town’s industrial heritage and the traditions that have shaped the area’s legacy.

Popular Attractions

There are a wide range of attractions situated in the area, which are suitable for the entire family to enjoy.

Highlights include Hedingham Castle, Cressing Temple, Colne Valley Railway, and Braintree District Museum. Colne Valley Railway is always a hit with the little ones (and big kids too!)

Transport Links

Braintree is well served by a number of reliable and convenient transport links that provide easy access to many of Braintree’s neighbouring towns, as well as the heart of the capital where you will find London’s many iconic attractions, landmarks and landscapes.

Served by its own train station and plenty of bus routes, it’s extremely easy to get around the area. For example, London is less than one hour away via rail and the area’s close proximity to the M11, provides easy access to Stanstead Airport.

Therefore, Braintree is considered to be a fantastic base for those looking to enjoy the relaxation of outer city living, without having to travel too far to enjoy the past pace lifestyle that has become synonymous with the bright lights of London.

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